Why you should make your own patterns

Are you still struggling to find clothes that fits you well and that’s your style?
It’s simple, learn how to make your own patterns and sew your own garments. Once you know how to make the basic patterns you can  create any design of your choice, and the best part of it all is that you’ll know that these garments will fit you perfectly as it was made on your own individual size.

Pattern making is very forgiving, you can always change the style or tweak a pattern or the size according to what you want. Firstly, you have to test your pattern by cutting it out on inexpensive fabric like polycotton or any solid fabric that you can get hold of. Professional designers use calico to make up their samples.
Once you have tested the pattern, you can now decide whether you want to make changes to the design or fitting. Thereafter you can cut it out from the chosen fabric and confidently sew the garment.
We usually ask our pattern making students to bring in pictures of designs they like so that we can teach them how to create these designs from the basic patterns. With a bit of practice these results can successfully be achieved.

Join our pattern making course if you want to make garments for yourself or if you want to sew for possible clients or even start your business.  


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The Importance of Sewing

Sewing is an important skill to obtain as it has many benefits. I believe that every woman need to be equipped with basic sewing skills. Nowadays it’s also a good thing for men and children to learn how to sew.

It’s such a valuable skill which will be useful many times in our lives. Just like cooking and baking, sewing will always come in handy. Whether you need to sew a button on , take in a garment that’s too big, shorten your pants or just to mend a hole in your clothing, knowing how to do that is such a pleasure.

Sewing teaches patience and develops motor skills such as hand-eye coordination. Learning how to sew can create self-confidence. The better we get at a skill, the more confidence we have in ourselves. Sewing can also bring in an income and help pay the bills.
Sewing brings out creativity in kids. They learn how to make something unique and how to express themselves through sewing. It teaches them how to follow instructions and to communicate. Handsewing , cutting and measuring is essential as this is part of each child showing their creative side. Once they’ve completed a project, they will be eager to keep on sewing. It will become such a great skill that they can enjoy all the way to their adult lives.

We offer small classes for kids with no more than 5 students per session. We also do individual tuiton to ensure that each child gets the necessary attention as they learn this amazing skill.
All equipment is included. We encourage kids to bring their own sewing machines to class if they have one. They are more likely to sew more if they learn on the machine that they will use at home.
We teach kids how to wind the bobbin, thread the machine, how to sew straight lines, curves, and how to turn corners. These are the very first basics that any beginner needs to learn. Thereafter they will learn how to make various items such as bags, cushions, zipper pouches and other things.


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